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Relay For Life

What are you doing in Kuala Lumpur this weekend?

Well, if you have nothing much to do, especially Saturday night or Sunday morning, head down to the MSN Training Stadium in Bukit Jalil and take part in the Relay For Life.

Yup, put in 10 ringgit and walk for a good cause – the fight against cancer.

SMART Tunnel solves congestion amusingly

You know, they say the SMART Tunnel would solve the traffic congestion problem. Well, it does, at the moment, in the most amusing manner, at least in the stretch between the HQ of RHB and the Sungai Besi Airport, the southern end of Jalan Tun Razak.

There is no entry fee being charged at the moment. Toll charge would be up soon but hey, let us bitch about that later. As in right now, free is good and let us savor that to the fullest.

So, there are two routes commuters could use without paying anything else but gas. The SMART Tunnel and that stretch of road on top of the tunnel transverse similar distance and that make both of them comparable to each other.

Now, everybody seems to thinks that traffic in the SMART Tunnel would flow freely. Unfortunately, every rush hour in any week day evening so far proves that this to be wrong. SMART Tunnel is always congested around this time while the other road is free flowing.

Cool ain’t it?

But when the tunnel authority starts charging fee, the SMART Tunnel would indeed be smooth sailing.

At 7:21pm today

Some pictures I took today from my office window (using camera phone):

Citrawarna Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur – the capital of Malaysia – also encompasses the administrative capital some 50km south of the city.

And Putrajaya is the launch venue for this year’s Colours of Malaysia or Citrawarna – a melange and mayhem of colours, carnival and cuisine aimed at tourists. Yes, it is still Visit Malaysia Year.

The theme this year is Millions of Colours, Millions of Smiles and it starts May 26 and ends on June 10.

Real KL Talents

Let me say this first, I am not that well-versed on indie music scene in KL. But I have been to a couple places to find out just who are doing what in terms of music performance. I found Shanon Shah, Reza Salleh, Isaac, Azmyl Yunor and heard of Pete Teo in my search for some real entertainment.

Brickfields, now and then

On last Friday evening, I and several friends whom slept in the jungle of Endau-Rompin with the stars painting our roof gathered at Nagas at Brickfield. When I first read the email about the gathering, I was quite nervous simply because I didn’t know where Nagas is. All I knew was that, it is on Jalan Tun Sambanthan . But I got there, eventually.

Nagas is a restaurant serving Indian food. Not the posh kind but a few notches above typical Indian restaurant. I like the atmosphere, except, maybe, it is right beside the busy Tun Sambanthan and whenever a huge vehicle passes, a bus for instance, the ground shakes. But with good company, nobody would care about that minor nuisance.

How much does the SMART Tunnel cost again?

The SMART Tunnel finally opens to the public on the day before yesterday. The owner of the tunnel has granted the public with one month of free passage, a sort like try it session. After so many months thinking to myself, what is so special with the tunnel, and the hype caused by a documentary on it on the Discovery Channel, I finally used on the day before tomorrow, on the second day of operation. Emmy Rossum in the Day After Tomorrow is kinda cute, don’t you think so?

My opinion?

No, no, no. Not Emmy Rossum. The SMART Tunnel!

It looks boring from the inside. Yeah, yeah. The first of its kind they say. All that smart systems that are expected to mitigate flood problem in KL, blah, blah, blah. I can’t see them. So, boring…

After all, what would you expect from a tunnel constructed with a tunnel BORING machine? Have you ever thought of that?


The ride is not as smooth as the road above.

The ceiling looks low and I am sure those with claustrophobia would scream, momma, get me out please!

Not to forget, too long a tunnel. Feeling bored driving in a tunnel, a little voice in my head said, are we there yet? Are we there yet? ARE WE THERE YET?

What is the cost of the tunnel again?

But many it did not feel convenience allegedly offered by the tunnel because I did not have to suffer the insufferable traffic congestion in the morning. Later today, during rush hour, maybe I would come to appreciate Samy Vellu’s baby better.

Hah! Let’s see if the tunnel really helps in fighting flood! (Knock on wood)

Anyway, you might want to watch a video of a ride into and out of the tunnel, showing a terrorist inspecting the tunnel. OMG! Arrest him.

A bus ride, a stranger, a conversation

I was riding a half-full bus on my way back to KL yesterday and sat beside me was a 62-year old Indian Muslim man. He started a conversation with me that I find very interesting, and enlightening as well.

His family was originally from Kerala, India. But the time when British occupied what was then Malaya, his father and mother came here and worked in the British estate. He was born and raised in KL. He loves KL so much. Despite its flaws and all, he finds KL a pleasant place and decided to house his family in the city.

my fair lady at klcc convention centre

for literature lovers…the famous literature turned stage play ‘my fair lady’ will be on stage in malaysia, it was organised in conjunction of celebrating the malaysia’s 50th year nationhood…the tickets are ranged from RM100 to RM300…

Petaling Jaya sucks

If Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya were two different countries, I would fiercely advocate for KL to invade PJ. In fact, I would lead an army to commit atrocity, slaughtering all PJ traffic enforcers with no mercy at all.


Because I was ticketed in PJ for — drumroll please — paying for my parking! And for 100 bucks no less!

But I am not going to pay that thing. Not only I paid for my parking, the detail about the car I was driving is wrong! Hah. Good luck tracing me! And by the time they finally traced me, if ever, I hope to be in Australia, doing an economic thesis on how to screw PJ!

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