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Party at the AllBlogs House

Through impromptu planning, I found myself at the AllBlogs-organized Bangsa Malaysia Merdeka Get-together. It all happened when I was attending a brainstorming session somewhere just outside the city that was attended by a few other bloggers, namely Howsy, Li Tsin and Nat. Howsy, wait, okay, Dr. Howsy, later asked me whether I was going to that AllBlogs event. Me, being a boring person that had planned to stay indoor on a Saturday event, decided to tag along with Howsy and the rest.

PAS boycott Gwen Stefani


And Beyonce is coming to Kuala Lumpur soon. I hope PAS boycott that too because we sure hell don’t want some bloke with annoying insecurity of their own faith to demand Beyonce to wear burqa.

50th year of merdeka in malaysia

this is supposed to be a happy occasion and event…but since the government..somehow i felt that it is like some kind of force..because the ministry ‘encouraged’ companies to hang the national flag over their building starting from the beginning of august..and those who did not hang the flags and were ‘spotted’ did not hang the flag will be seen as disloyal to the country…seriously…when i see the news of this..i wonder…if the ministry really want the companies to hang the national flag..why don’t the government do something worthiness about it and let the companies volunteerily and willingly to hang the flags on their buildings…isn’t that is more effective than giving out such kind of ‘message’..

Flags, flags, flags

Karachi laments:

A Similar question was also raised by fellow author on KMB mailing list as well but I shall ask it in a hope that a profound answer be found. It’s only 3 days to 14th August & during last 2 weeks I have only managed to see a rickshaw & a gadha-gaadi with Pakistani flag on it which also goes to show which section of the society is more interested in celebrating the big day but not getting into this clash of classes debate I seriously want to ask of there is a national mourning or what. Is this anything to do with the national political scene OR is just it’s a coincidence. But even in worst 90’s I didn’t see this cold attitude. What has taken over nation?

Is public tired of fake love churned out every year or the flags are pricey this time? I am completely clueless on this. Should we be expecting a big-burst of green flags on every road before 14th Aug? [Where is the green flag? Metroblogging Karachi. August 9 2007]

In Malaysia, fake love has produced a flagophoria, much to flagofascist’s delight. I wonder though, after August 31, what would happen to all of those flags?

Recycled? Burned? Toilet roll? Rag?

malaysia mega sale carnival

malaysia’s mega sale carnival is now beginning around all the shopping malls in malaysia…of course the hottest place to shop must be in kuala lumpur…because this is where shopping malls are satuated…apart from jalan bukit bintang…not forgetting places like suria klcc…mid valley megamall…wan utama and the curve…these are the shopping paradise that most people will visit

Limited edition ice cream

While I was exploring Kuala Lumpur (read: lost), I saw a bright merry poster of an ice-cream. It was a new Cornetto with a Kit Kat bar stuck in it.

Proudly the poster announced something to the effect of: get it fast because this is a limited edition.

Now, I’m confused. Do I eat it or do I keep it frozen for posterity?

Wouldn’t you get that awful feeling of having a limited edition ice cream in your stomach?

Oh, there goes the limited edition poo.

Pretty LRT station

Most of LRT stations in Kuala Lumpur are insufferably dull. While its form may serve its function, the stations are too uniform in design that it fails to impress me. Two stations on the Kelana Jaya Line however manage to differentiate themselves from mediocrity and that stations are the Ampang Park and Central Market (CM) stations.

Flagofascist need to replace those flags at Merdeka Square


Information Minister Zainuddin Maidin, the Flagofascist (called so for his paternalistic demand to force everybody to fly flags) is really at it.

I just watched the news at 8 on TV3 and the news is really, really going after those that have yet to fly the Malaysian flag in anticipation of August 31 national day celebration. If TV3 is so excited at telling others to fly the Malaysian flag, I can’t imagine how it would be like at RTM.

But earlier this week, I spent some time around the Merdeka Square and I noticed how dull the colors of many the flags flown there were. The yellow on Negeri Sembilan flag for instance is so “lusuh” that I bet it has not been changed for months now.

Yo Flagofascist, change the old flags with newer ones la…

The serial banners are at it again…

It is really amazing how the mind of some people work. Consider this snippet of nonsense:

Malaysian youth “would be exposed to moral decay if we continue to allow such concerts to be held in Malaysia.”
(from Malaysiakini)

This pearl of “wisdom” comes from the Muslim Students Union… whose wish is for the upcoming Gwen Stefani, scheduled for August 21.

Yeah, let’s ban everything we don’t like, why don’t we?


If you don’t like it, don’t attend it

I’m not quite a fan of big concerts and I didn’t know that Gwen Stefani is coming down to Kuala Lumpur to perform live.

I only found out about it when a group of easily offended people with self-absorbed sensibility protested the concert and threatened (wooo, I’m scared already…) to demand the local authority to intervene if the organizer — Maxis Communication — of the concert does not canceled the show.

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