a walk for justice

although i am not on the beat with my fellow collgues of journalists…but i do support the ‘walk of justice’ that was carried out by a whopping number of lawyers…leading by ambiga..the bar council president together with tonnes of lawyers with her…the walk was initiated due to the release of the controversial ligam tape…where it had talked about how the top positions in the judiciary board were arranged using the power of the government…if this happened..what we have studied about the malaysia’s legal system about the seperation of powers is totally a nonsense?since this is not really what had happened all these years?

the purpose of the ‘walk of justice’ is to urge the prime minister to set up a royal commission to investigate this judicial scandal…hate to use this word…but this is how it should be put…as ambiga said…when lawyers walked..there is something is wrong…seriously…i feel quite bad for the country and also quite bad for myself..for not being there to report about the protest and to be there for support…i am proud with my fellow ex-collegues who were there to report about the incident and have a good understanding about the meaning of the walk…besides, from what i have read from other blogs who talked about this rally…surprisingly…the public was also there to support the lawyers…although they are not in a great number but at least they are some people who realised the importance of restoring the trust on the judiciary board…this isn’t just about the prestige of the lawyers but also the faith of the public who will need the access of the judiciary to help them on gaining back what they are supposed to get…in the eyes of justice…so..kudos to lawyers who have initiated this movement and let’s hope for the best of the country

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