24 hours later

I’m barely surviving.

This Monday is especially cruel. I’m still at the office but I hope to leave soon, even when papers left unfinished, with deadlines looming. I long for my bed, with it, that smelly blanket of mine.

I envy Metblogs of Pakistan. With that emergency, they got their Monday off, though they might be fighting for their life. Still, that is much more exciting.


The upcoming Diwali caught me by surprise. Because of it, one day will be off my calendar, making my week runs havoc. I came back to the office, convinced I could finish my papers if I had four days. Turn out, I have only two days, no thanks to Diwali.


I thought after graduation from Michigan, there would be no more papers and no more scary professors. No more impossible deadlines.

Now, here I am, with unbelievable amount of papers with scary bosses with godlike deadlines! I might as well go for my Masters right now!

But hey, maybe I should be thankful regardless. Those auditors don’t seem to ever sleep…

Thank heavens I learned economics, not accounting.

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