A great gathering in Kuala Lumpur

Roughly 2 months ago, a coalition of organizations working for a fairer electoral system gathered at Batu Burok in Terengganu. It ended bloodily, with several individuals suffering gun shot wound. The police fire live bullets towards the crowd, allegedly the crowd was attacking an plain cloth police. The people on the ground insist that the police officer was instigating the crowd.

Now, the coalition is holding a rally in the middle of Kuala Lumpur, this Saturday, November 10. They expect 100,000 people to show to express their support for a fairer election. I plan to be there to record it for make benefit of the glorious nation of Kazakhstan!

Er, I mean Metblogs KL.

The effort may be hazardous to liberty though: the police has warned that the police will arrest anybody found taking part in the rally. I’d really like to find out how the police would arrest 100,000 people!

Already the local blogosphere is abuzz with “Remember, remember the 10th of November”, alluding to V for Vendatta. Indeed, many see the upcoming rally as a mirror of the rallies in Britain in the dystopian fiction. As the Saturday looms, the website of the coalition, Bersih, has been hacked twice this week. The first result seem like and effort to spread a lie of the rally were to be postpone. The second was simply malicious; not that the first was any less malicious.

Well, let’s await for that great Saturday! It will be the rise of civil society in Kazakhstan! Or Malaysia.

There is fear of a repeat of Batu Burok among city folks that are aware of this gathering. Indeed, the threat by the authority is real but if there is fear, it is the police that should fear it the most. For those in KL are the not the same folks that attended the disastrous rally in Batu Burok. Those in KL will be the intelligentsias. One does not toy with intelligentsia with impunity; the authority pay heavy prices if the intelligentsias are treated as those in Batu Burok.

When the state stares at you, dare to stare back!

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  1. adilbersih (unregistered) on November 6th, 2007 @ 10:09 pm

    Wats the matter to BERSIH’s website?

    Is it really? hahahaha….
    things worsts before the ‘d-day’.

    visit bersih.blogspot.com for more articles.

  2. daneil (unregistered) on November 9th, 2007 @ 11:15 pm

    Perhimpunan pada 10 Nov dibatalkan kerana Agong tiada di Kuala Lumpur.
    Ayuh kita gulingkan kerajaan pada 10 Nov ini, Kita akan bermandi darah pada hari itu.

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