street protests

recent protests, rallies and demonstrations had been organised by several non-governmental bodies…they are urging for a change?revolution?new government?this is what i think about all these protests are about

talking about protests…we had the first one at merdeka square organised by bersih who protests for clean and clear elections…and then we have hindraf who protests to fight for the rights for indian people…alleging that the british government had intimidated the indians back from the years before independence…and then we have another protest organised again by the same society that is hindraf…which had alleged that the government had not given equal treatment to the indian people…not forgetting the bar council’s walk for justice…and the most recent demonstration…was organised by lawyers and ngos…marching peacefully from the sogo shopping complex until the bar council building…heading by human rights lawyer…latheefa koya and amer hamzah….why do all these sudden protests just poped out?because of election is getting near?because the country really needs a revolution?a new government?i don’t know…but there is one thing that we can see…excessive force had been used to hamper the people of all these groups…take for example the hindraf’s action on submitting the memorandum to the british high commissioner…those people were unarmed and what does the police force give them?just a few thousand of people or i can say not even up to 3 thousand of people…the police force were using stuff like water cannon and tear gas…while bersih’s rally where the total of people is amounting to almost million of people…and yet only water cannon was being used…while few thousand of hindraf supporters was being treated by tear gas and water cannon…not forgetting the current crackdown of police in front of the bar council…as there are banners were putting on the building itself on promoting the events that the bar council is holding…the police demanded that the banners were to be removed immediately…if not…action will be taken…to me…this incident just doesn’t make sense…what is the problem for bar council to hang the banner up on their own building?for promoting purposes?is it a crime?i just don’t get it…the bar council didn’t put their banners everywhere or other buildings that are not belong to them…to me…this scenario give me the impression that the police force is trying to be mischevious…or a harsher word…bitchy…as all these rallies…assemblies that are ongoing now…it is really unhealthy to our country and it will affect the country’s economy badly…so…the government please take the initiative to probe what is really going on…what had made these people dissatisfied….

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  1. zach (unregistered) on December 22nd, 2007 @ 11:38 am

    the government are using all the available sources (police,RELA,ISA) to keep themselves in power and have access to the country’s wealth.

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