Motorcyclists taking shelter in the middle of the street

It sucks to get caught in the rain. It is uncomfortable to be wet, with the wind blowing. That however does not justify motorcyclists’ tendency to take shelter under a bridge while blocking a lane, causing inconvenience to other motoring.

It is so typical of Malaysian highways around the city. When it rains, traffic piles up and it slows down. That is understandable though frustrating. Understand yes but anything that worsens the situation deserves scorns of a god. Zeus should strike the reproductive organ of inconsiderate motorcyclists that blocks a lane, creating a choke point and causes thousands others to spend unproductive hours in their vehicles. If hell exists, the sin of motorists should be borne by those motorcyclists alone. These motorcyclists should be the new Jesus. Instead of being crucified, they should be ran over by a prime mover!

Screw these motorcyclists.

Earlier today, it was raining and the traffic was horrendous. I just couldn’t wait to step out of the car and have a good bath to greet the end of the day. It was a hot and humid earlier and cool water was what I needed to unwind. The journey home however wasn’t one that gradually cool down the day but instead, it made the mercury to rise to break the thermometer.

Imagine a clan of uncivilized dudes on motorcyclists — MAT REMPIT, yes, from now all, all of these bikers are MAT REMPIT — enjoying a sick party in one of the three lanes along Sungai Besi towards Jalan Tun Razak while the rain poured. With a choke point at a very busy major street, you could well figure out how bad the traffic would me. I unfortunately had the luck of experiencing it. They just stood there with their bikes and acted as if they had done no wrong. Oblivious to the situation.

What worse, their action is dangerous to their own lives. Standing in the middle of the road, under the bridge just to escape the rain? Don’t you see the incoming cars, d*mbf*ckers?

But hell, the lives of these MAT REMPITs worth not even a pittance. If they don’t appreciate their own lives, why should others do?

I hope someday, somebody accidentally ran through and over all of them while they were standing in the middle of the road like a herd of cows. And I hope, that somebody would be me!

Since the general election is around the corner, may this is a good time to say this: candidates that promise to deal with those public menace will get my vote. And obviously, UMNO with its MAT REMPIT squad is out of the equation.

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