How should I spend a 4-day weekend?

Holidays could be very unproductive and mine is reaching a notch higher above laziness.

So far, I had replayed Championship Manager 2007 and that wasted the whole Wednesday evening as well as Thursday morning after. Later on that Thursday, it was Civilization 4 turn and that took out the rest of the day. I also found out that Civilization 5 a.k.a Civilization Revolution is coming out this fall. That helped fuel by Civ-bug throughout the day. I only slept after committing genocide on the Roman, which, if I might add, was worthy because I won the game just in time before the time lapsed.

But what I really wanted to do was to go out to the city, really, the parks and gardens, in the morning when the sky is usually magnificently blue. Everyday just before I have to go to work, in my boring office doing daunting plans, I’d look up to the sky and be jealous of birds singing happily or just gliding in the sky. So blue that I wish I’d quit my job and linger peaceful on the grass, staring up into the blue unreachable ceiling.

A 4-day weekend gives a chance for me to do just that but I have yet to wake up early and savor the blue sky. I’ve been waking up late, close to noon and thus, missing a chance to do want I wanted to do. I’ve told myself to do it in the evening to compensate the time I took for sleeping but the evening sky has been filled with dark cloud and dark cloud simply doesn’t bring in the merriness associated with blue cloudless sky.

I want to go some park, Titiwangsa or Perdana, or any green spot that I might fancy, find shade under a tree, spread some sort of fuzzy fabric over the ground and lie down on it with a good book at hand. Maybe, with some croissant and orange juice by my side. And my mp3 player. And even my laptop just in case inspiration comes knocking.

Yeah, I have to wake up early tomorrow. It’s noon now and I’ve missed my chance for today…

Wait, maybe I should stop writing right here, right now and go out now! It’s cloudy but it’s still warm enough for a day under the sun. That had never stopped when I was in Ann Arbor and it shouldn’t stop me for doing the same today!

Bye bye!

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