Flags, banners, posters, everywhere

The election is less than three weeks away and nomination day has yet to pass. That however doesn’t stop political parties from initiating banner wars prior to the start of the real war. So far, from what I read anyway, these wars are running high in the east coast of the Peninsula. So high that banners have been defaced, torn, destroyed while temper flares. Volunteers from either sides now jealously guard their banners from potential saboteurs. While that happens there, curiously, the scene in KL has been quiet.

I do notice flags and banners hung along the streets despite the relatively calm atmosphere. In fact near the Maju Junction, a ridiculously huge flag of BN blankets a building. I could see the flag well enough from Kampung Baru whenever I pass through the area but that was practically it in the city, I mean, smack right in the middle of the city, so far. Not so widespread by any mean.

At my place, I could see some PAS and PKR flags fly side by side but I have yet to see UMNO’s. Maybe UMNO is weighing its dim prospect in the area or maybe I’m speaking too soon. I’m a bit detached from my own area but words have it, Keramat is tired of Astaman Abdul Aziz, the incumbent MP from UMNO. But I’m sure with the obscene size of UMNO’s warchest, that would soon change.

In contrast, blue waves of BN begines to decorate Cheras. Not too much but suffice for many to notice. Earlier, there was a banner informing the public of an event at Bukit Anggerik which Anwar Ibrahim will make an appearance.

While it is fun to watch these banners flying with each party trying to outdo one another, I hope it would not go out of control. Fun as it maybe, it is unsightly. A lot of these flags, banners and posters aren’t properly secured in their places. As a result, when it rains the way a typical tropical shower always does, unnatural colors would pollute the streets, the sidewalk or simply empty spaces. Suddenly trash is everywhere. That was the case in Cheras earlier. The posters of Dacing, ridiculously, everywhere, like papers just after being blown off the table, making a mess on the floor.

I especially hate when these posters are pasted on public property. Sometimes, these stuff adversely affect drivers’ line of sight. Imagine a big flag or poster blocking the road signs, or banners at the corner…

After the height of political orgasm, I don’t think cleanup would not be forthcoming. I suppose, just like what my dormmate used to tell me: after the sex, nobody cares about the girl anymore.

But I think I’m enjoying the calm before the storm. Banners, begone.

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