They put it up and then tore it down

It is August and that means time for exhibit a sense of patriotism, fake or otherwise.

The authority had put up colorful banners, bunting and other similar stuff to make known of out happy the society is in celebrating the upcoming national holiday. I drive along Jalan Tun Razak on almost daily basis and I couldn’t help but notice the banners along the road, wrapping the pillars which support the elevated highway above. All was happy and dandy, until earlier this morning.

As I was frantically trying to beat the traffic on the same road, I spotted that the banners, all of them, have been torn down. I assume it was the same authority that put it up due to how clean the did it. All is left now are the metal skeleton that surround the pillars.

I wonder why they did it?

Printing error maybe?

I wonder how much did it cost us, the residents.

Are the authority going to up a new design up?

Stay tuned as we investigate at how taxpayers money is being spent so recklessly by the City Hall.

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