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where’s the new year parties?

heck, i know! haven’t been blogging.
forgive me for i have been travelling.
and somehow kl has been exciting.
what with protests and shopping!

WQR 631 you litterbug

Congratulations to the owner of white-colored Perodua Myvi WQR 631.

You have been spotted throwing trash out of your car while driving along Jalan Tun Razak at the Yap Kwan Seng intersection. Thus, you are the first to be inducted into Metblogs KL’s Hall of Shame!

Again, congratulations!

RM67.22 could buy you…

I have a few hundred bucks in a bank account in the US. Way back in a time long forgotten as I was preparing to leave the little town of Ann Arbor for Kuala Lumpur, I had wanted to withdraw all of my cash from that account. I thought, it would be a hassle to operate a bank account from half-way around the world. But that debit card facility was tempting and given such services weren’t freely available yet in Malaysia back then, I decided to leave some cash in the account and use my debit card for my purchases in KL. Unfortunately, there was too much money in the account and I couldn’t use all of that money before the card expired. And so, I have cash stuck. And given the weakening dollar against the Malaysian ringgit, I feel down: as each day passes, that cash, apart from interested earned which is not too high to start anyway, that cash in dollar can buy less stuff in Malaysia. Now, what if I could get $20 from my account right now? What could I buy with it? What would I buy with it?

I am selfish

I think I am selfish.

I hate Monday and I really hate Monday. Whenever Monday looms, the whole body aches, finding an excuse to skip Monday. And how am I selfish?

Dear officer, please think

Traffic congestion can be a very stressful affair for me. Anything that causes the congestion may become a target of my scorn and regretfully, the targets may be traffic police officers. Such was the case earlier this morning.

The serial banners are at it again…

It is really amazing how the mind of some people work. Consider this snippet of nonsense:

Malaysian youth “would be exposed to moral decay if we continue to allow such concerts to be held in Malaysia.”
(from Malaysiakini)

This pearl of “wisdom” comes from the Muslim Students Union… whose wish is for the upcoming Gwen Stefani, scheduled for August 21.

Yeah, let’s ban everything we don’t like, why don’t we?


Colorful Parliament

After an OMG-it’s-Prof-Jomo-and-I-want-to-talk-to-him-and-I-want-to-shake-his-hand-
and-I-want-his-autograph-and-OMG-OMG-OMG-it’s-Prof-Jomo session, I was ready to hit my bed. On the way back just after midnight, I passed by the Parliament and oh boy, it is colorful.

Too colorful. Maybe whomever in charge of “lighting up” the Parliament should consider reducing the number of colors. That blue (or was it green?) light especially was too dull and dim that it looks terribly awful.

Yellow Mini Bus in Subang Jaya

Relics of a bygone era still exist in Subang Jaya. Catch one after hopping off the Komuter. Photo by FL2020.

WOW. They are still around!
I thought they have disappeared but hey, guess what Mini Buses still service the Subang Jaya area. Unlike the pink buses of before, these are painted a bright yellow, normally meant for school buses.

And the fare is STILL 70 sen. And, and, and….true to its name, it ran a red light! Hahahhahahahaha…Also, the passenger capacity as written on its inside walls is apparently 25 seated and 10 standing (check out the photo below on the top right where this is painted in black).


But the bus sure looks smaller than I remembered it.

Green Every Day Concert 2007


Date: 7th July 2007, this Saturday
Time: 4 pm to midnight
Venue: Stadium Bukit Jalil
Admission: Free

From The Star:
More than 50 artistes will perform at the concert. They include Bandi, Faizal, Fazli Zainal, Sassy The Don, Shazzy, Syed Azmir, Zainal Abidin, Atillia, Cheryl Samad, Dayang Nurfaizah, Dia Fadilla, Dina, Elyana, Erra Fazira, Farah Ashikin, Fairuz Hussein, Fauziah Ahmad Daud, Jaclyn Victor, Karen Kong, Khatijah Ibrahim, Maya Karin, Noryn Aziz, Norish Karman, Nurfatimah, and Sharifah Zarina.

Singaporean and Indonesian artistes such as Ahli Fiqir, Ferhad, Imran Ajmain, Ramli Sarip, Yuni Shara, Katon Bagaskara, Titi DJ, Tangga, Element and Slank, as well as Jordanian superstar Toni Qattan, will also be performing.

The concert will also pay tribute to the late Loganathan Arumugam, a founding member of the Alleycats, who died of lung cancer recently. About 2,000 limited edition T-shirts imprinted with the face of the entertainer will go on sale, priced at RM26 each. The Alleycats will also be there.

Coping by copying

KL Eye
The Eye on Malaysia.Photo from by w.Girl.

Malaysians are not a particularly creative bunch. Perhaps this is because we are taught to follow and believe blindly – crticisms and even innocent questions are looked upon with great disdain. Ask why certain policies are perpetuated to seeming eternity, and you will be accused of sedition — legally accused, mind you, it’s the LAW.

So it’s expected when we just plagiarised an idea from London — the London Eye. And all this talk about wanting to break free from the chains of imperialism. It looks like we are still kow-towing, at least in ideas, to our former colonial masters.

And guess what? We celebrate 50 years of ‘independence’ this August. Maybe it’s true, reality is perception. What happens if most are deluded?

For more on the Malaysian copycat version of the London Eye, read an earlier post by plonkwork here.

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