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What is Kuala Lumpur without Pudu Jail?

When I think of Pudu in Kuala Lumpur, only two things come to mind. One is the Puduraya Bus Terminal. The other is Pudu Jail.

There is something about Pudu Jail and it is its mural that decorates its long wall.

What I remember best about the mural is its exhortation of how drugs kills. The artist or artists of the mural seems convinced of the danger of drugs. I do not think the reason is a mystery. I think it was commissioned by the government. It had to be commissioned by the government.

The government of the day took a very tough stance against drugs. That was obvious not only through the mural that I saw as a kid. The television blared. The radio screamed. The newspapers… well, I did not read newspapers then but I assume it did what it usually does.

Nothing did the job as good as the mural of Pudu Jail however. Because of the mural, my early perception of drugs — or as it was called then without translation, dadah — was quite strongly against its use. When I thought of drugs, I thought of something disgusting. These days, I have a much relaxed view on the matter. I grew up, if I might add.

Pudu Jail is scheduled for demolition tomorrow, to make way for some big commercial complex. With it, gone is a reminder of old position of mine. Appropriate in some ways but quite clearly, a piece of history is set to be launched into fire. That is inappropriate in some ways.

Muzium Negara is unimpressive

Muzium Negara sucks.

End Of Message.

The first blogger to climb up the old railway station’s tower?

Towers of any kinds have always intrigued me: be it the clock tower at the Malay College, the Burton Tower at Michigan, the Petronas Twin Towers. Whenever I see them, I have the urge to scale them.

Today, I did just that.

You know those towers belonging to the old Moorish railway station along Jalan Sultan Hishamuddin?

Well, I got to the top and possibly, be the first blogger to do so.

Brickfields, now and then

On last Friday evening, I and several friends whom slept in the jungle of Endau-Rompin with the stars painting our roof gathered at Nagas at Brickfield. When I first read the email about the gathering, I was quite nervous simply because I didn’t know where Nagas is. All I knew was that, it is on Jalan Tun Sambanthan . But I got there, eventually.

Nagas is a restaurant serving Indian food. Not the posh kind but a few notches above typical Indian restaurant. I like the atmosphere, except, maybe, it is right beside the busy Tun Sambanthan and whenever a huge vehicle passes, a bus for instance, the ground shakes. But with good company, nobody would care about that minor nuisance.

How much does the SMART Tunnel cost again?

The SMART Tunnel finally opens to the public on the day before yesterday. The owner of the tunnel has granted the public with one month of free passage, a sort like try it session. After so many months thinking to myself, what is so special with the tunnel, and the hype caused by a documentary on it on the Discovery Channel, I finally used on the day before tomorrow, on the second day of operation. Emmy Rossum in the Day After Tomorrow is kinda cute, don’t you think so?

My opinion?

No, no, no. Not Emmy Rossum. The SMART Tunnel!

It looks boring from the inside. Yeah, yeah. The first of its kind they say. All that smart systems that are expected to mitigate flood problem in KL, blah, blah, blah. I can’t see them. So, boring…

After all, what would you expect from a tunnel constructed with a tunnel BORING machine? Have you ever thought of that?


The ride is not as smooth as the road above.

The ceiling looks low and I am sure those with claustrophobia would scream, momma, get me out please!

Not to forget, too long a tunnel. Feeling bored driving in a tunnel, a little voice in my head said, are we there yet? Are we there yet? ARE WE THERE YET?

What is the cost of the tunnel again?

But many it did not feel convenience allegedly offered by the tunnel because I did not have to suffer the insufferable traffic congestion in the morning. Later today, during rush hour, maybe I would come to appreciate Samy Vellu’s baby better.

Hah! Let’s see if the tunnel really helps in fighting flood! (Knock on wood)

Anyway, you might want to watch a video of a ride into and out of the tunnel, showing a terrorist inspecting the tunnel. OMG! Arrest him.

Mental reconstruction of the Perdana Lake Garden

It has been years since I last really explored the lake garden right besides the Tugu Negara. I was small then and the place seemed like a huge jungle in the middle of the city. My visit to the lake garden yesterday changed my childhood perception, downgrading the lake garden from a place of high adventure with great likelihood of Tarzan swinging through the tree canopy to what it really is at the moment, a park in a concrete jungle.

The park looked smaller than what I had in mind. Back in the 1990s, especially the early 1990s, to me, the park stretched from the Tugu Negara and the Parliament, passed through the railways station and the national mosque and then went endlessly with no boundary. This was probably because the park had no extensive concrete pathways. And its lakes was so huge to me that it seemed like a huge sea inland, possibly something close to Lake Michigan.

Exaggeration? Yes but that what the lake garden was to me when I was small.

bukit bintang the shopping heaven

well..i basically live in the heart of kuala lumpur town which is bukit bintang, bukit bintang is a well-known place as a shopping heaven where at least four big shopping complexs were located around the area and with a great variety of stuffs too, you can just grape whatever you want here, in bukit bintang, the three most famous shopping malls are such as sungai wang, lot 10 and bukit bintang plaza. in terms of fashionable clothes, you can either purchase branded apparel or affordable clothings and both of these type of clothings owned the elements of the recent most trendy designs. apart from being a shopping heaven, bukit bintang was well known for its food as well, there were exotic kind of foods available in bukit bintang, from malay style to indian style. however, the popular beat of food especially for those of you who have a great fancy of chinese food, you guys must come to jalan alor which located at bukit bintang because this is the heaven of chinese food lovers where you can taste any chinese food you want here, hence for those who love shopping and eating, make sure you guys don’t miss this beat at bukit bintang because you guys can really feel the atmosphere of shopping and eating frenzy here..haha…catch this place once you get down from the place, haha.

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