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Colorful boxes

This is the atrium of Suria KLCC.

More than 12 hours of rain

With Eid falling on Monday, I took the luxury of sleeping late on Monday morning. I planned to write for my column at The Malaysian Insider but temptation of procrastination proved too much for me to bear. By 3 A.M. however, I couldn’t stay awake anymore and finally gave up my pretension of working on the article I needed to come out with and went to bed instead. Despite heavy eyes, I had trouble sleeping. Rather than pretending to work on the article, I found myself pretending to be sleeping. It was then when the rain fell.

With the window opened, the cool air gracefully came in to phase out the stuff air that filled my room. Books were everywhere on the floor. Some of them, embarrassingly, were still on the floor, unmoved almost 3 years after I returned to Malaysia from the United States. I now am betting that the same books would stay on the floor by the time I return to Malaysia from Australia 2 or 3 years in the future.

The rain wasn’t heavy and the noise that it made wasn’t harsh. The constant sound of water from the sky hitting the earth was soothing enough to lull me to slumber.

It was a satisfying sleep; I dreamed that I was sleeping beside an angel. She was so beautiful and serene. I ended up admiring her while holding her hand as she slept and breathe softly.

I really hated it when I had to wake up. As I opened my eyes to stare at the same pile of books, the same constant noise of the light rain was still there. It did not relent.

In contrast, the rain last week was like storm. When it poured, it was like a tropical hell.

Tropical hell. That’s probably what the victims of the Bukit Antarabangsa landslide felt.

With a downpour like what KL and its surroundings experienced last week, it is hard to imagine how the rain did not contribute to the tragic landslide. The mainstream media are quick to point out that this is not the first time it happened. The same site witnessed the collapse of the Highland Towers in the 1990s. Between then and now, there were a couple of other incidents. Some deadly white others left ignored.

The authorities are banning development on slope. Yet, we’ve heard of this before. So, I’m unsure if I should put any weight to their words.

But, how is the tragedy in Bukit Antarabangsa any worse to the annual flooding in the East Coast? Does the tragedy at the edge of KL equal the suffering of those in the east of the Peninsula? Why do the media focus on Highland Towers but give less prominence for the flood victims?

It is a tragedy yes, but I’d just wish that the mainstream media would just stop milking the story.

general election around the corner

well…well…march 8…our prime minister’s favourite number…and favourite month…yeah…only days away then the 12th general election will be here…all the posters and banners to lobby for voters are everywhere…candidates are making trips to various places to get to know the voters in their area…the news had been talking about whether this general election will have a great change…where opposition parties might have the chance to win and become the government?whether the opposition will win more seats this time…whether barisan nasional will retain the mandate of ruling the country…by winning the majority of two-third…well…as a first time registered voter…this is what i see…

happy chinese new year everyone

while i am blogging here…today is the last day of year 2007 for the chinese lunar calendar…tomorrow is a big day for all chinese in the world which is to celebrate the new year’s day of the chinese lunar calendar…as what we call in mandarin ‘chu yi’…the first day of the chinese lunar calendar…the year of rat…

street protests

recent protests, rallies and demonstrations had been organised by several non-governmental bodies…they are urging for a change?revolution?new government?this is what i think about all these protests are about

Who paint dat horse?

On a typical end of working day, i went for a walk in Bangsar Village. And look what I found…


Late on Saturday, after “leading” — more appropriately guiding, or far more correct, embarrassingly trying to keep up with astonishingly fit girls, ‐ a hike trip up Bukit Kutu close to Fraser’s Hill, I was on my way back to the headquarters of the Malaysian Nature Society on Jalan Kelantan.

On the radio, there was a funky and no doubt 1970s song that has an opening line that sings: S.A.T.U.R.D.A.Y.

Nearly 24 hours later, I am hearing: M.O.N.D.A.Y.

I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. Monday sucks.

And I am thinking of running my own business…

Anwar Ibrahim to contest in Titiwangsa?

For some reason, an article in The Star today decided to focus on Titiwangsa. In particular, what is going on within UMNO orbit in Titiwangsa. Now, I live in Titiwangsa area and I am a registered voter. Therefore, the article is of some interest to me.

While reading the article with a dreary feeling — given how Titiwangsa is drawn on the map, it is likely that UMNO will win this seat after — I temporarily ignored the tired muscles when I read the last paragraphs. In it:

There is talk that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is eyeing three possible FT constituencies, namely Titiwangsa, Lembah Pantai and Bandar Tun Razak. Suleiman’s supporters are projecting him as the only person who can take on Anwar if he contests in Titiwangsa. [Titiwangsa courted. Joceline Tan. November 18 2007

Sounds interesting, if Anwar Ibrahim is eligible to contest, that is. Anwar Ibrahim will only be eligible to contest in 2008.

Metblogs reporting on Bersih rally


I felt bad that KL Metblogs lacks photos of the Bersih rally despite the fact that I was there. Here is the chance for me to redeem myself before everything goes haywire as Sunday succumbs to Monday, when work overwhelms any other interests.

Here at Metblogs, there was a comment that tried to spread disinformation, claiming the rally had been postponed due to the absence of the King. I withheld that comments and only published them after the rally took place, hoping to limit the effect of the disinformation. According to others, the same SMS was widely distributed among the city folks as well as those from outside the city. Several versions are known to exist but most amusing was this: the King sent the SMS himself. LOL!

A number of photos taken from my blog (of before and during the rally) have been posted in Metroblogging Kuala Lumpur group at Flickr. I won’t repost the same photos here and since I managed nearly 300 shots, I plan to share other photos. Well, okay, some of the photos will be repeated due to the fact that it complements the story but I promise, most photos here have not been published elsewhere on the internet.

Some rights reserved. By Mohd Hafiz Noor Shams. Creative Commons, by attribution 3.0

The first shot describes the scene just outside the Masjid Jamek station. Situation appeared normal…

Some rights reserved. By Mohd Hafiz Noor Shams. Creative Commons, by attribution 3.0

…and people could be seen walking merrily, minding their own business…

… and it would indeed be normal if it wasn’t for the large riot police presence. Yes, the police knew about the large rally that demanded for free and fair election.

rally at dataran merdeka

oh my goodness…just because that a coalition had called upon the slogan of ‘clear and clean’ election…it had made the government feel threatened because the coalition namedly bersih had vowed to attract a 100 thousand strong of people from the public to support the rally…by dressing in yellow t-shirt…as i was walking to work this morning…around 9am because i started work at 10am from masjid jamek…i already saw a few of the police cars and FRU troops and rela members already surrounding places near to merdeka square…and members from the public were already waiting at the masjid jamek lrt station…as early as 9am and the protest will be started only at 3pm…not to surprise that those who attended the rally majority of them are malay…

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