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courts of malaysia in jalan raja

starting in may, all the courts from jalan raja or better known as dataran merdeka will be shifted all to jalan duta where the new courts will be officially have their cases commenced there…

KL 24 hour Food Crawl

Food. It unites and divides all Malaysians. It is the one thing on our minds day in, day out and all through the night.

We talk long and loud about the best food in the city and the country, of what can be found in every nook and cranny across the nation.

So, to celebrate April Fool’s Day and Malaysia’s 50th anniversary of independence and also MBKL’s existence – plonkwonk and friends – whom I will name later, are initiating the KL 24 hour Food Crawl!

You propose, we dispose – the best food of the hour every hour on the hour.

The F1 is back in KL


The Malaysian leg of the Formula 1 motor racing championships is back in town and a whole host of parties will ensure Kuala Lumpur never sleeps for the coming week.

The Malaysian Grand Prix will start April 6 culminating with the race on April 8 which also happens to be Easter Sunday.

the largest bookstore in town

this article is specially for those book lovers who intended to find more about local and international readings, the kinokuniya bookstore which is located at kuala lumpur city centre (KLCC), also known as suria klcc, where all sorts of books you can find there…from local readings such as local political readings, ASEAN readings to international readings such as philosophy readings like karl marx…etc…apart from that, for those who wished to cultivate reading habits of children, you are encouraged to pay a visit with your children to this bookstore also because they are plenty of children storybooks, teenage fictions and comics, not only the taste of children were taken care of but also your spouse…for ladies, there is plenty of romance, cookery and beauty books available at the bookstore. the most attractive element of kinokuniya is that they even provided you places to sit in order to let you read in a comfortable way (of course it is in a first come first serve basis). therefore, it is actually quite a good place where you can bring the whole family of yours to gather around and at the same time can also cultivate their interest in reading, for me, i believed this is one of the most healthy and affordable family outing…haha..hope that there will be more bookstores like kinokuniya coming out soon…

Never lose your way in KL ever again!

While I was in the US, driving was a breeze. This is especially so because I didn’t have to worry about direction, thanks to MapQuest. It enabled me to drive all the way from Michigan to Florida, or to New York, or to South Dakota, to wherever.

When I returned to KL not too long ago, I had to re-adapt to drive on the right side of the road, which is left, ironically. Worse, because of the way KL is planned — or rather, unplanned — north, south, east or west means absolutely nothing. Driving is a nightmare. This is one of many reasons why I prefer to take the train and walk instead of drive. Thank goodness, that could change soon.

Where are the sculptures in KL?

I feel that there aren’t enough sculptures in Kuala Lumpur. So few there are that I think I could count them. I am in the opinion that even the little cozy town called Ann Arbor has more sculptures than Kuala Lumpur, including the Klang Valley. That is sad.

The most well known of all sculptures in Kuala Lumpur, probably in the whole country, is the Tugu Negara, a monument dedicated to those that fell for the country.

Some rights reserved. By Mohd Hafiz Noor Sham

The monument was blown apart by the communists in 1975. Fortunately for many of us, it was restored to its original state and now, it is still standing proudly on top of a hill.

Skyline of Kuala Lumpur

It is a slow day and I do not know what to blog about. So, it’s photo time:

This view was taken from the Bankers’ Club.

MBKL is now live!

Yes! Finally!

And I, on behalf of the MBKL team, would like to thank, first and foremost, Sean for helping to set up MBKL.

And then, in no particular order, for all the wishes by people from Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Rio de Janeiro, Chicago, Karachi, Los Angeles, San Jose, thank you!

Thanks as well to Singapore, Toronto, New York, Seattle, Houston, Philly and Boston for the plug too!

p/s — not to forget, Lahore and Manila!

p/s — and Tokyo!

Road closure is a pain

Throughout this week, major streets in the city center are scheduled for closure, no thanks to the 200th anniversary of the Malaysian royal police force. Streets around the Merdeka Square are off limit as well as Jalan Parlimen. There are several others road but for all I know, it sucks.

Thank goodness for the trains. But then again, since some may ditch their cars and get on the train throughout the week, maybe, there is nothing to be thankful of. Can you say, sardine?

Mental reconstruction of the Perdana Lake Garden

It has been years since I last really explored the lake garden right besides the Tugu Negara. I was small then and the place seemed like a huge jungle in the middle of the city. My visit to the lake garden yesterday changed my childhood perception, downgrading the lake garden from a place of high adventure with great likelihood of Tarzan swinging through the tree canopy to what it really is at the moment, a park in a concrete jungle.

The park looked smaller than what I had in mind. Back in the 1990s, especially the early 1990s, to me, the park stretched from the Tugu Negara and the Parliament, passed through the railways station and the national mosque and then went endlessly with no boundary. This was probably because the park had no extensive concrete pathways. And its lakes was so huge to me that it seemed like a huge sea inland, possibly something close to Lake Michigan.

Exaggeration? Yes but that what the lake garden was to me when I was small.

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