PUTRAJAYA: Thank God we have oil


Went to our really swanky administrative capital today — Putrajaya.

Today is also the second week of my political career. And I am having a ball.

Opposition politicians are usually painted in a less than positive light due to our repressed media here. Mainstream media like newspapers, tv and radio are constrained by the Printing Presses and Publications Act 1984, which allows a media licence to be revoked at the whim of the Information Minister. So, they usually tow the line. And the major media companies are owned by political parties.

I am now editing an Opposition newsletter – The Rocket, which at its height had a monthly circulation of 80,000 but is now lingering around 10,000. But it offers an alternative viewpoint and hence, may be threatened at times.

Malaysian politics is like cowboy and Indians. Everyone is a cowboy and everyone is an Indian.

It’s getting exciting.

The general election is coming up and I now have a medium to highlight issues.


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