Muslim cemetery by Jalan Ampang damaged

Along Jalan Ampang, just five minutes walk from the Petronas Twin Towers there is a well-known Muslim cemetery.

I haven’t been there for a long time but according to my parents, giant old trees were uprooted and damaged the cemetery. It is unknown what exactly caused the trees to be uprooted by it is possible that a strong storm was the culprit. This apparently occurred last night though I don’t remember seeing rain in the city.

By noon, the city hall has cleared the cemetery of the trees. Through anecdotes, it seems the graveyard is badly damaged with holes here and there. I however, being who I am, feel the greater loss is the death of the trees. These trees were giant that went a number of stories high that partly shaped the characteristic of the city.

Of course, there are many other old growth giant tropical trees all over Kuala Lumpur. But after a while, once a person gets used to the city, gets used to a particular route, all things usual, houses, buildings, roads, lamp posts, trees, make up the atmosphere of the community. Losing even one of them means changing the atmosphere.

Life goes on, however.

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