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Hey readers!

Apa cerita? (Translated: “What’s up?) So I have signed and bound myself to writing for KL, heh. I have been thinking of what would be a good topic to start off and decided on….

KL etiquette. Well, a couple of weeks ago, there was a writing in the New Straits Times about KLites’ public etiquette. The local writer, an American-educated CEO, described her horrendous journey to the KL Sentral Station. She and a foreigner friend took the Monorail and were dismayed at the barbaric push and pull they had to endure to get into the train.

Furthermore, to her horror, the lady witnessed what she called the indifference of Malaysian society towards disable individuals (There are usually a number of blind pedestrians walking around KL Sentral as the Malaysian Center for the Blind is right on Tun Sambathan Road, where the Monorail Station is).

I think the experience that caught her in “shock and awe” is really overrated. I have been taking public transportation and walk on KL streets ever day for the past two years to say that KL is not that bad. I have seen both the nice and the bad.

Let’s take a situation with a pregnant lady boarding a train. Almost 90% of the time, there will be a sitting person, usually another compassionate woman, who would forfeit her seat. The other 9% of the case usually involves cramped train where people can’t see that there’s a pregnant lady in the first place, or if the person facing that growing belly is blind, or a raging teenager whom lives in high-land, or a disable person himself. Only 1% consist of heartless, able, man and woman.

Heck, sometimes I enjoyed the drama of the pregnant lady trying to return the seat back to the donor, saying ” Ala, dekat je – kat depan tu nak turun dah ni! Takpe, takpe” and reciprocated by,”Ala kak, duduk la.. takpe takpe..Saya malu ni nak duduk depan akak”

As for the blinds, for the past year of my pedestrial journey, I have never seen a neglected blind crossing a road. There is always, always a help from someone. The only incident I witnessed but did not do anything (and regret for the life of me) is one rainy day, a blind man was sheltering from the afternoon rain near the KL Sentral Station, and apparently the sole of his right shoe was torn half way. He could not understand what was happening and keep stomping his foot to figure out how to fix the uncomfortableness. I could have gone to him and tell him what the problem was, but I didnt. I could have spent RM10 to buy him a cheap sandal, just so he could get home comfortably, but I didnt.

Let’s just say I’m sure that will never happen again. But such situation should not fail us as a society either. I think we’re okay. We could do better of course. It’s unfair to judge the public society in a single train ride if you’ve been living in a Mercedes for the past 10 years..

P/s: Haha, okay I dont actually know if the writer rides a Mercedes..

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  1. zewt (unregistered) on May 10th, 2007 @ 8:22 pm

    yeah, it’s that bad….

    it may not be fair to judge after just 1 train ride. but then again… we who live in KL knows… things are much worse than those which happened in the train.

  2. plonkwonk (unregistered) on May 12th, 2007 @ 9:17 pm

    welcome to the ‘hood! unfortunately am not in kl this past week to contribute. but when i return next week, that’s another story.

    have fun! as for the blind and the disabled plus the pregnant, i find that most of the guys and gals in the city trains do take good care of them.

    but i guess there are exceptions to the rule!

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