I want to get on the train and read

A chance to catch up with my reading is one of many things why I love getting on a train to work. With an increasingly busy life, I find it harder and harder to spend time reading books. The time I spend traveling on a train has become the only time available for me to read.

By read, I mean reading books. Not newspapers or blogs!

Reading on a train is amazingly easy. The atmosphere encourages me to read on and on with little distraction. It is so because meeting strangers’ pair of eyes is not exactly exciting. I love watching people but given the small confine that separates the observers and the observed from each other, a train is not an ideal place for people watch. When the eyes meet, it could be quite awkward for both.

Further, when you’re underground, there’s really nothing to be looked at except walls, the tracks and whatever there are in the tunnel. So, reading prevails as a great time-filler. Listening to music is another good thing but I, along with many of my generation, have mastered the art of multitasking. But necessarily a good thing but I could do both reading and listening at the same time.

Sadly nowadays, my job requires me to drive to work. Time-wise, it is more time saving to drive instead of taking the train and then get on a bus. I have to cut train off my list at the moment. So, there goes my reading time.

While I could multitask, reading while driving is for fools. So, my reading time has been violently interrupted. I bought six new books in January and February and I have not been able to finish any one of them. Well, one reason for that is that I love hopping between book to book. But that is another story.

A to and fro trip between my home and my office via train would allow me to read around 40 to 50 pages. Now with driving, my average page read per day effectively goes to zero.


I want to get back on the train.

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