SMART Tunnel solves congestion amusingly

You know, they say the SMART Tunnel would solve the traffic congestion problem. Well, it does, at the moment, in the most amusing manner, at least in the stretch between the HQ of RHB and the Sungai Besi Airport, the southern end of Jalan Tun Razak.

There is no entry fee being charged at the moment. Toll charge would be up soon but hey, let us bitch about that later. As in right now, free is good and let us savor that to the fullest.

So, there are two routes commuters could use without paying anything else but gas. The SMART Tunnel and that stretch of road on top of the tunnel transverse similar distance and that make both of them comparable to each other.

Now, everybody seems to thinks that traffic in the SMART Tunnel would flow freely. Unfortunately, every rush hour in any week day evening so far proves that this to be wrong. SMART Tunnel is always congested around this time while the other road is free flowing.

Cool ain’t it?

But when the tunnel authority starts charging fee, the SMART Tunnel would indeed be smooth sailing.

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