Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve: A REAL Oasis in the Heart of the City

lrg raja chulan art
Art flourishes in a bubble world in the heart of the city.

A common route by foot from Central Market/Pudu Raya/Chinatown/Kota Raya to Bukit Bintang is along Jalan Raja Chulan, which will take you about 45 minutes to an hour.

On a nice day, it’s a soothing walk past the Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve right in the middle of the city. And for the first time since my close to 30 years of living in KL, I spotted the Forest Reserve office, which had a sign saying there were WIFI facilities provided. I wasn’t sure if that meant I could get WIFI if I trekked up the primary forest.

Earlier, when FL2020 walked towards this bubble world, she heard a group practising dhol drums and saw a wall of scrawled with angst-filled, urban graffiti. It was as if she stumbled upon the twilight zone of a hidden art scene.

Also, notable was a small community of government quarters and pre-war shoplots at Lorong Raja Chulan, just off Jalan Raja Chulan.

A resident, who was cutting grass with a parang — a short sword-like knife usually about 3-4 feet long — told FL2020 that the quarters were built in 1957 — the year of our independence.

It was really like walking into a time warp as it was kampung life just a few minutes from Jalan P. Ramlee — an entire street populated by clubs, bars and restaurants. From here, one can see the KL Tower and the Am-Bank building rising high into the cloudy skies.

Two young children, probably aged between four and seven, were also playing in a garden with a homemade swing hanging on a tree all right in the middle of the city. Unbelievable.

lrg raja chulan quarters
‘Merdeka’ government quarters that were built in 1957.

lrg raja chulan kg
Kampung life in the middle of the city?

lrg raja chulan mansion
And I am not sure what this mansion is……

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