Heaven is probably flooded

Remember that blue sky?

That day seems so distance now.

For the past week, it has been raining like cats and dogs. The morning feels cold and I would rather stay in my bed instead of having a shower and to work. This is one of those days which I would wish for Sunday to be everyday.

I used to be good at geography but now, I am hoping. I don’t even remember which season wind is blowing at the moment. Perhaps, I should rummage through my boxes and look for that high school geography textbook to refresh my memory. Or maybe, I should consult the Oracle.

Regardless, the Met Department has this to say:

KUALA LUMPUR, July 25 (Bernama) — Peninsular Malaysia is experiencing a wet spell instead of dry weather now due to a lack of tropical storms over the western part of the Pacific Ocean, a Meteorological Department spokesman said today.

He said this contributed to a tapering off in the south-westerly winds between May and September, a phenomenon that caused the formation of rain clouds especially in the evening.

He also said that the thunderstorms now occurring at various places in the peninsula would continue until the end of the week.

The spokesman said the temperature over the Indian Ocean now was higher than usual and this speeded up the formation of rain clouds in the area, including in Malaysia. [Weather Change Due To Lack Of Tropical Storms Over Western Pacific. Bernama. July 25 2007]

While the rain is better than experiencing through that annual haze that the neighborly Indonesia sends to Malaysia as a gift, it sucks in a way that it adversely affect the mood.

Anyway, this year is a weird one. We are supposed to experience El Nino, a dry season, but instead, it is anything but dry. (Well, there were a couple of dry weeks but… whatever…)

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