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Free Nat

With respect to the previous post:

80s babies…

This is one of the best fowarded emails I received so far.. very nostalgic..

When you reading this….you must be the one who did all this stuffs in those days….refresh ur memories..

We grew up watching Transformers, Thundercats, Woody Woodpecker, Chipmunks, Mickey Mouse, Jem, Mask, Ninja Turtles, Voltron, Baja Hitam, Ultraman n not forgettin POWER RANGERS n BUGS BUNNY!!!and anderra yippa mice? :), McGyver ?

Artsy Fartsy Saturday. No, not with Tian.


Was at 777X – Galleriiizu last Saturday for the digital art launch. Honestly, the artwork was not impressive. I’ve always felt that although Malaysians are a creative bunch, they always lack good technique compared to their global peers. Technique comes with practice and dedication. But I’ve seen some really good digital art in advertising. Some art/creative directors are really good.

Then I hopped off to Hisham Rais’s cafe, Bau Bau, for some musical relief on the weekend. Read on for more…

joshua bell will be in MPO

Coming up malaysian philharmonic orchestra will be inviting award-winning violinist..Joshua Bell to perform in the coming odyssey night of the petronas philharmonic orchestra.

As the June and July seasons’ orchestra is coming to an end, as is customary, with a major symphony by one of the two great Austrian masters of the romantic era, Mahler and Bruckner will be back on stage soon brought you by the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO).

Bruckner ‘s sixth symphony is one of his most concise and direct, that give people time to include not only Wagner’s majestic prelude to his most cheerful and entertaining opera.

This century orchestra is going to be performed by the star violinist joshua on the stage of MPO, letting the audience to experience the music of the two great musicians from Austria.

The ticket price will be started from RM25 to RM95 for evening session which will be held during Friday and Saturday night at 8.30pm while RM20 to RM85 for afternoon session will be held on Sunday at 3pm.

Conflict in Islamabad, Pakistan

If you haven’t known already, there is a major clash in Pakistan. It began a group of Islamists tried to set up a separate judiciary rivaling Pakistani system. The Islamists kidnapped people whom they accused and convicted of committing “unislamic” activities. More audaciously, they attacked government buildings.

The state has responded and shooting had occurred Since July 3 2007. For more information, please visit Metblogs Islamabad (some specific postings were done on Day 3 and Day 4) and kindly, please show your moral support to those that simply wish to live free from fear, from religious persecution and guns.

Change perception, change the world

Demand Middle East Peace Now!

Yellow Mini Bus in Subang Jaya

Relics of a bygone era still exist in Subang Jaya. Catch one after hopping off the Komuter. Photo by FL2020.

WOW. They are still around!
I thought they have disappeared but hey, guess what Mini Buses still service the Subang Jaya area. Unlike the pink buses of before, these are painted a bright yellow, normally meant for school buses.

And the fare is STILL 70 sen. And, and, and….true to its name, it ran a red light! Hahahhahahahaha…Also, the passenger capacity as written on its inside walls is apparently 25 seated and 10 standing (check out the photo below on the top right where this is painted in black).


But the bus sure looks smaller than I remembered it.

Green Every Day Concert 2007


Date: 7th July 2007, this Saturday
Time: 4 pm to midnight
Venue: Stadium Bukit Jalil
Admission: Free

From The Star:
More than 50 artistes will perform at the concert. They include Bandi, Faizal, Fazli Zainal, Sassy The Don, Shazzy, Syed Azmir, Zainal Abidin, Atillia, Cheryl Samad, Dayang Nurfaizah, Dia Fadilla, Dina, Elyana, Erra Fazira, Farah Ashikin, Fairuz Hussein, Fauziah Ahmad Daud, Jaclyn Victor, Karen Kong, Khatijah Ibrahim, Maya Karin, Noryn Aziz, Norish Karman, Nurfatimah, and Sharifah Zarina.

Singaporean and Indonesian artistes such as Ahli Fiqir, Ferhad, Imran Ajmain, Ramli Sarip, Yuni Shara, Katon Bagaskara, Titi DJ, Tangga, Element and Slank, as well as Jordanian superstar Toni Qattan, will also be performing.

The concert will also pay tribute to the late Loganathan Arumugam, a founding member of the Alleycats, who died of lung cancer recently. About 2,000 limited edition T-shirts imprinted with the face of the entertainer will go on sale, priced at RM26 each. The Alleycats will also be there.

777X: Asia’s First Digital Art Gallery is in Kuala Lumpur


As part of the KL Festival friends at galleriiizu will create history with the launching of Asia’s first digital arts gallery and also Malaysia’s first digital arts award!

The significance of 777X:

1. 07.07.07 marks the launching day of Galleriiizu’s new Digital Art Gallery at Central Market Annexe.This is the first 100% dedicated Digital Art Gallery in Asia.
2. 07.07.07 is also celebrating the launch of 7 Bintang Digital Art Award. The first of its kind in Malaysia.
3. 777is the date to commemorate the birth of a new era.

The New Digital Genre Revolution!

So do come, be a part of history and join in for the party after!

Haze again

Air quality in Kuala Lumpur is noticeably bad for the past few weeks. Last Friday as I was driving home, the skyline of the city was shrouded with awfully familiar haze. The two towers were hardly visible from Sungai Besi.

The situation hasn’t gone to previous years’ level but I have a feeling that it won’t be long before that happen.

In the meantime, I am happy to say that the air has been relatively clearer since last Friday. There are reports that other places have not been so lucky however.

The Malaysian government will need to do something As an individual, sure, I could report open burning or kindly ask other the burn their trash liberally and stuff, but when the issue is caused by a neighboring country, government action is particularly required.

I am tried of going through the annual season of haze. Each time it happens, the government says it would do something and each time, nothing happens. It is time to get some backbone and put some pressure on those that responsible for it, in and outside of the country.

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