Hello Metblogs, Walski reporting for duty…

At long last, finally an entry from yours truly to kick off Walski’s venture into KL MetroBlogging… with apologies to the rest of the KL MetroBlogging crew!

Well, what can I say… as August 31 approaches, we are indeed living in interesting times. The big hoo-harr about blogs and blogging that we’ve been hearing about of late has gotten me thinking – what gives? Why the sudden heightened paranoia about citizens having an unrestricted voice?

Well, a few things come to mind… but most of all, what Walski sees as the real implication of blogs and blogging, in view that a General Election may not be too far away…

There has been a lot of speculation and talk that come the 2008 US Presidential Elections, the major fight for votes and political mindshare is going to be in the virtual cyber world. But if the timing is right, expect something similar to happen here in Malaysia, partiuclarly in the urban areas – KL in particular – where access to the internet in probably higher than anywhere else in the nation.

I know that this is probably giving the politicos from the ruling party more credit than they deserve – but is this what they are really worried about?

What do you think?

This first post, as they say, is the beginning of a beautiful new friendship – hopefully… and don’t worry… it won’t all be about politics. There’s a lot more to life than that.

So, Hello Metblogs.. Walski (finally) reporting for duty!!


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  1. Hafiz (unregistered) on August 2nd, 2007 @ 11:04 pm

    welcome on board!

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