Pretty LRT station

Most of LRT stations in Kuala Lumpur are insufferably dull. While its form may serve its function, the stations are too uniform in design that it fails to impress me. Two stations on the Kelana Jaya Line however manage to differentiate themselves from mediocrity and that stations are the Ampang Park and Central Market (CM) stations.

Typical Kelana Jaya Line stations are coated with blue and red color on the outside. On the inside, the color gray dominates. Unmemorable, forgettable. Fortunately, that does not describe Ampang Park and CM. Though taste may differ across people, at least these stations try to express its uniqueness.

Between the two stations, my favorite is Ampang Park. This is because it is brighter compared to CM. It is well-lit and the color is brighter. Ampang Park’s interior is color orange while CM is decorated with dark blue and green motive. Furthermore, Ampang Park’s interior design, to me, qualifies as intriguing.

Some rights reserved. By Mohd Hafiz Noor Shams

Cool heh?

Regardless, the LRT ticketing system sucks, stupid and useless. If the transport authority is reluctant to invest in art, at least invest in better ticketing system.

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