Flags, flags, flags

Karachi laments:

A Similar question was also raised by fellow author on KMB mailing list as well but I shall ask it in a hope that a profound answer be found. It’s only 3 days to 14th August & during last 2 weeks I have only managed to see a rickshaw & a gadha-gaadi with Pakistani flag on it which also goes to show which section of the society is more interested in celebrating the big day but not getting into this clash of classes debate I seriously want to ask of there is a national mourning or what. Is this anything to do with the national political scene OR is just it’s a coincidence. But even in worst 90’s I didn’t see this cold attitude. What has taken over nation?

Is public tired of fake love churned out every year or the flags are pricey this time? I am completely clueless on this. Should we be expecting a big-burst of green flags on every road before 14th Aug? [Where is the green flag? Metroblogging Karachi. August 9 2007]

In Malaysia, fake love has produced a flagophoria, much to flagofascist’s delight. I wonder though, after August 31, what would happen to all of those flags?

Recycled? Burned? Toilet roll? Rag?

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  1. Kashif (unregistered) on August 15th, 2007 @ 4:51 am

    Yeah, its fake love and consumerism too. As people suggested on KMB, this flag-sticking-and-waving thing should be banned for good. Better give this money to the needy.

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