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Protest in front of the Embassy of Myanmar

As event in Myanmar unfolds, concerned individuals and civil societies organized protests across Southeast Asia. Kuala Lumpur saw a huge protest held in front of the Myamnar embassy on Jalan Ampang on Friday. On the same day too, there was an appeal for many to wear red as a sign of support for the people of Myanmar.

Be a Part of KL Stories


I feel that this is very relevant to us. Let’s have a story or two in the book!

Call for Submissions – Urban Odysseys: KL Stories
MPH Bookstores Sdn Bhd

a walk for justice

although i am not on the beat with my fellow collgues of journalists…but i do support the ‘walk of justice’ that was carried out by a whopping number of lawyers…leading by ambiga..the bar council president together with tonnes of lawyers with her…the walk was initiated due to the release of the controversial ligam tape…where it had talked about how the top positions in the judiciary board were arranged using the power of the government…if this happened..what we have studied about the malaysia’s legal system about the seperation of powers is totally a nonsense?since this is not really what had happened all these years?

Mr. Rude Driver, meet Mr. Finger

Some people could be extremely rude and being a firm believer of tit-for-tat for a one-time encounter, I strongly believe that those whom express rudeness deserve rudeness in return.

NYT in love with BLAH-can?


While many star chefs discover their most prized ingredients in places like the Piedmont woods, Zak Pelaccio, of New York City’s Fatty Crab, found his at a wedding in Malacca, a city on the Malay Peninsula. There his hosts dug up the backyard, built a fire and prepared curries made with belacan (pronounced BLAH-chan). Pelaccio was instantly hooked. A dried paste of miniature shrimp cured in salt and fermented, sun-dried, pulverized and packed into compact shapes, belacan (also spelled belachan, blachan and blacan) adds a richness and a kick to a variety of Southeast Asian dishes. “It’s like using anchovies instead of salt, but it’s funkier,” Pelaccio says. [Malaysia’s Eastern Block. NYT. September 23 2007]

nurin’s case

let’s have a minute of silence for eight-year-old nurin who found dead last week…who was tortured, raped and murdered…although i am a non-malay…but i felt pityful for her family though…i felt that it is very disappointed towards the government for letting thiss happened to the young child…

My Masjid-Crawl Activity During Ramadhan

Hi guys! It’s been a long time since I last posted an entry on this blog and I am sorry about that! I was in the process of changing jobs and it took me quite some time to settle down. =)

Anyways, I thought I could share with you my experience attending Tarawikh (pronounced: ta-ra-weh)prayers during this Ramadhan month. I always try to explain the best I can when non-Muslim friends asked me what Tarawikh prayers mean. I say, it’s just a communal prayer that Muslims do during Ramadhan nights.

Olympic Torch to pass through KL

There is something about the Olympics that somehow inspires me. Somehow, it unites people regardless of backgrounds. For the awe that it generates in me, one of many things I would like to do before I die is to attend an opening ceremony of the Olympics but I’m unsure when would that be. But I’m sure of one thing: I will be there to witness the torch relay for the XXIX Olympiad; the Olympic Torch will pass through Kuala Lumpur for only the second time in the history of the Olympics!

The corruption of the judiciary is an issue larger than the murder of Nurin

It has been a sad week for Kuala Lumpur. A little girl, Nurin reported kidnapped several weeks earlier was found stuffed inside a bag just two days ago, dead after being molested and rape mercilessly. The New Straits Times published a shocking picture of the kid on its front page later. I’m unsure if the posting of the terrible picture was necessary but it had its effect on the public. It emotionally moved the masses.

Cruel and Unusual: A Requiem for Nurin

By now, the worst fears of a couple have come true – the body of a young girl found stuffed in a gym bag some days back is indeed of their daughter, Nurin Jazlin Jazimin.

Has the civic consciousness and morality our society degraded to such an extent that more and more inhuman and cruel acts are being perpetrated? How could any person claiming to be human do something like this?

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