KL feels you, Ann Arbor

Three-day weekend. Must the best thing since four-day weekend in college during senior year, right?

Dead wrong.

It all started on Friday. Kuala Lumpur was celebrating August 31, the national day big time. It was officially the 50th national day. While I have my reservation, a parade is a parade nonetheless and it was a huge parade. I had planned to witness the parade staying up late didn’t help by one bit. My alarm was a couple of sonic boom, probably caused by the new Sukhoi fighter jets that belong to the air force. So, I woke up and saw on TV how packed the Merdeka Square was. The Square was were the parade congregated.

So, I decided instead to enjoy laying on bed from the morning, till the evening, like I had always done in college over four-day weekend. I enjoyed life then and I was simply reliving it.

And the next day, it was the opening of college football. Many thought it was another one of those easy game. After all, Appalachian State against Michigan? Surely the result has been written in stone. It’d be a great travesty for the match to produce any result other than a big Michigan victory. Alas:

And thus, my week is ruined. I’ve already spent the Sunday after in bed, sulking. I seriously doubt I’d be able to get out of bed tomorrow for work.

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