Malaysia Cup final

After spending some time in the cloud, I missed everything that characterizes civilization, especially the internet. Yes, I’m addicted to the internet. So sue me.

I was delighted to be on the journey down from Cameron Highlands to Kuala Lumpur, hoping to check my mail as well as a number of blogs, read up the latest articles on Wikipedia and feed my virtual pets. The drive back home however took two hours extra than it should and it was caused by two factors: expansion, or rather, the closing of lanes along the North-South Highways and fans of Perak and Kedah soccer. And I swear, I thought the chant of kejor Yeop kejor was followed by pulun Kedah pulun.

Yes, flags, especially of Perak were flown by fans along the highways. The honks were loud too.

Both teams are playing in the Malaysia Cup final at the moment and the venue is the National Stadium at Bukit Jalil.

I personally don’t follow local soccer however but the size of the event is obviously doesn’t need my support to make it a grand affair. By the look of it via the TV, the stadium which is capable of housing 110,000 spectators is full.

And like What I stated earlier, the highway was full of them too. The lines at the cash booths at the toll plazas in KL stretched so long that I am glad that the car I was in had pre-paid service. Else, I’d imagine that 4 could easily be 5 instead.

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