It’s a month of good food!

The morning of the first Ramadan started really dark. The sky was covered with menacing dark clouds and it had threatened to rain really bad for the day. But it didn’t until after the sun peaked in the sky. It drizzled but nothing too bad. It only cleared late in the evening.

While I am aware Ramadan starts today in Kuala Lumpur, the first day didn’t feel like Ramadan at all. Most of the times, I am unaware of Ramadan, that I am fasting. This is probably because I am used of skipping lunch. The only times I was aware of Ramadan were when friends cracked some joke on how hungry I looked and how early office hour ends.

Traffic was really bad. I only reached home an hour after leaving hour. Usually, it takes only half an hour.

Another thing that reminded me that Ramadan is on are the food stalls selling various delicious “kuih” and other gastronomical wonders that cannot be found at equal quality any other place in this world. It those food are found out of Malaysia, they are ersatz. But when one is away, even an ersatz would do great compared to cheese pizza or some fake Chinese food.

But I found one thing that I hate about Ramadan – assholes (oops, there goes my score) that park on both sides of the street. By doing so, they restrict traffic and create horrendous congestion. I wish I had my hockey stick with me so that I could smash their windscreen.

But anyway, KL would like to wish all Metblogs cities a great Ramadan.

And happy Rosh Hashanah too!

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