moocake festival

although it is not a big festival where all malaysians will celebrate together…but indeed this is a very meaning festival for the chinese…moocake festival also known as the mid-autumn festival…there is a beautiful story as well as a sad story behind this festival…if you don’t mind to be bored…do feel free to continue reading it..

well…the sad story begin like this…there is a beautiful maiden who used to be caring and loving and she had a caring and loving husband too…but until one day…the sky suddenly appeared to have 9 suns together and her husband had taken the responsiblity to shoot them down one by one…and after he had shoot down all of them except for one son…he became proud and disrespecful because people had honoured him well..and his loving and caring wife was disappointed over his attitude change…and one day…a villager honoured him with a kind of medicine that can help to become immortal…the husband then took it and hide the medicine…thinking of having it for himself…who knows the medicine was later found out by the beautiful maiden who is the wife…and after she ate it..her body was light like a feather…and she is flying towards the sky…leaving the remorseful husband who had been proud and selfish… is the beautilful story starts…the beautiful maiden then fly to the sky and up to the moon..she become the guardian of the moon and also the fairy…she is there to make the moon will always bright during the mooncake festival..hehe…so…hope you guys like these stories…

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