Cruel and Unusual: A Requiem for Nurin

By now, the worst fears of a couple have come true – the body of a young girl found stuffed in a gym bag some days back is indeed of their daughter, Nurin Jazlin Jazimin.

Has the civic consciousness and morality our society degraded to such an extent that more and more inhuman and cruel acts are being perpetrated? How could any person claiming to be human do something like this?

For Nurin, Walski’s heart and prayers go out to you, poor girl. Your time on this Earth was so cruelly taken away by persons whom Walski now totally disowns as being members of the human race. To say that what was done to Nurin was akin to animal-like behavior, is an insult to animals. Those responsible for her death are worse than any beast. Walski finds it hard to even find the words to describe the kind of person who could bring themselves to doing such a despicable and dastardly deed, without regressing to profanity.

May God bless her soul… and may the monsters who did this live the rest of their miserable lives consumed in guilt and torment… tearing their souls bit by painful bit…

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