Mr. Rude Driver, meet Mr. Finger

Some people could be extremely rude and being a firm believer of tit-for-tat for a one-time encounter, I strongly believe that those whom express rudeness deserve rudeness in return.

I was pumping gas somewhere in the city when a car lined up behind me for his turn to do the same thing. I don’t know why he would like to line up behind me since there were empty fuel kiosks for him. But I told myself, that’s not my problem and so, I ignored him. The manner he was lining up however made it very hard for me to ignore it.

As I was pumping, the guy drove his car closer to the back of my (borrowed) car instead of waiting and keeping a couple of meters (or at least, a meter) space between the two. It was like tail-gating, except that I was stationary. I frowned, hoping he would take a hint about how I felt. But no! He drove it even closer, as if telling me to get moving.

It was a tiring day and I was almost done pumping anyway; I was ready to leave and I was only happy to create more space between the two of us.

As I was entering the car, fastening my seatbelt and switching the engine, the guy had the audacity to honk me!

Oh, how indignant I was! The outrage!

This is despite the availability of empty kiosks for him to make use of! Instead of using that, he formed a line behind me and asked me rude to be quick! That *** of a *****!

That was the final straw for me. Whatever patience I had was eroded by that honk. I could not suffer any more of that insolent ******* stranger. Seated, I turned slightly to the back to honor him by granting the honking ******* the pleasure of getting acquainted with my royal middle finger. That was the first time I showed any stranger such sign in many, many years. Such honor is rare indeed and he should be proud of it!

By looking at his face, he was surprised with the courtesy. I don’t know what he was expecting but I was simply returning him a favor. He should have known better.

Nevertheless, I regretted my move, I truly am. I failed to control my temper and I utterly apologize to my better self. It was unbecoming of me, less than civil. And this is my promise: I will never exhibit the finger in anger to any driver anymore, no matter how uncivil the drivers may be. I shall not bring myself to down to the dirt.

But I drove off, angry and driving in anger is probably as bad as driving drunk. But I got home safely, without any incident. As for him, I think he is still at the gas station, frozen after being stared by Mr. Finger, the medusa.

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  1. AC Lee (unregistered) on September 28th, 2007 @ 12:31 pm

    Hahaha, Incik Hafiz, I know just the feeling. Although way past my retirement age and swearing to myself that I shall retain my sanity no matter what happened when driving in KL, many a time I had the strongest urge to do what you did!!

    I suppose it’s because these rude people get away with it most times that they forget about civic consciousness until somebody behave rudely back to them. Or perhaps they were just badly brought up!

    Have a nice day, sir!

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