Dear officer, please think

Traffic congestion can be a very stressful affair for me. Anything that causes the congestion may become a target of my scorn and regretfully, the targets may be traffic police officers. Such was the case earlier this morning.

It was a typical large T-junction somewhere in the city along Jalan Tun Razak. Congestion along this stretch of road is not unusual and officers are frequently dispatched here to smooth out traffic flow. But for a country that pride itself as among elite nations that have savored the outer space in the most liberal sense, our traffic lights seem to be dumb. The city traffic control system should be intelligent enough to direct traffic within the city without requiring police officers every so often to stand in the middle of the street doing whatever a traffic light is supposed to do. But no, the traffic lights are too stupid.

So, we are back to our infallible traffic police officers. But as if the officers are much brighter than the lights themselves!

Earlier this morning, an officer kept me, among many others, stuck at a junction that meets Jalan Tun Razak for an unbelievable length of time. Reason?

The officer kept giving way to the direction perpendicular to mine even after that direction could no longer accommodate any kind of traffic volume. Congestion at the downstream was clearly visible. Despite that, the officer continued to allow vehicles to flow into that direction. It went on and on until the yellow box in the middle of the T-junction, which is supposed to be clear of standing vehicles are filled, preventing other vehicles from other directions from moving at all. What was a congestion in the downstream became congestion in the mid and upstream!

It was a total deadlock and it was because of that incompetent police officer!

When he finally realized what he was doing, the officer nonchalantly signaled stop to already stopped vehicles and requesting the unmovable vehicles, to move.

**** you!

How the **** do you expect me to ******* move when there was a ******* barrier of ******* vehicles no ******* thanks to you, ******?

And that was not the first time it happened and I bet it won’t be the last.

Even if those episodes were rare, having an officer directing the traffic while the lights blinking could be confusing. I once almost ran through an officer’s stop signal because the light was green. You could just imagine how abruptly I hit the brake paddle. More amusingly to me but not to honking drivers was when I stopped to a red light, despite the officer giving a go signal.

Some may laugh, but when it is raining, when the officer is not quite visible, not quite discernible from afar, it could get ugly.

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  1. jiinjoo (unregistered) on October 24th, 2007 @ 7:54 pm

    No wonder you hate to drive so much! :)

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