Thank you radio announcer!

I have a new-found appreciation for traffic alert today. Usually, such alerts over the radio tell nothing new, informing all Monday haters about the usual hotspots that everybody knows. In other words, news that are hardly new. That was not the case for today however.

Traffic congestion was horrendous and unusual this morning. But hey, it was Jalan Tun Razak and maybe unusual is not so unusual at all. But anyway, the congestion possibly stretched for more than 5km. My god! The streets were filled with vehicles and I feared that I might be late for work. Already the previous day, one of my directors seemed unhappy of me being late for an appointment. I regret that. I hate being late. I hate people that late and I hate if I joined their rank. Did I say I hate being late?

Anyway, while sulking in my car, looking at the ticking clock and wondering the amount of carbon I was churning out into the air (but the car I am driving has a small engine and chassis and so, I feel less guilty than I would have with a larger car), the radio announcer informed her listeners of an accident inside one of the tunnels in Kuala Lumpur.

With the cause of congestion known, I immediately acted upon the information. I kept away from all tunnels in favor of other routes and sure enough, traffic at those routes was smoother than those in the tunnels. I probably saved 20 minutes, thanks to the announcer.

Does any of you guys know who the announcer that speaks over Hitz and Mix station early in the morning about the state of the traffic?

I think I need to go out with the announcer to express my gratitude.

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