Anwar Ibrahim to contest in Titiwangsa?

For some reason, an article in The Star today decided to focus on Titiwangsa. In particular, what is going on within UMNO orbit in Titiwangsa. Now, I live in Titiwangsa area and I am a registered voter. Therefore, the article is of some interest to me.

While reading the article with a dreary feeling — given how Titiwangsa is drawn on the map, it is likely that UMNO will win this seat after — I temporarily ignored the tired muscles when I read the last paragraphs. In it:

There is talk that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim is eyeing three possible FT constituencies, namely Titiwangsa, Lembah Pantai and Bandar Tun Razak. Suleiman’s supporters are projecting him as the only person who can take on Anwar if he contests in Titiwangsa. [Titiwangsa courted. Joceline Tan. November 18 2007

Sounds interesting, if Anwar Ibrahim is eligible to contest, that is. Anwar Ibrahim will only be eligible to contest in 2008.

That notwithstanding, I think it is good for him to contest in urban area. That would direct his focus to urban requirement, which right now, to me, seems to be compromised by demands of rural areas national wide. But I wonder, is he familiar with local issues Titiwangsa, or Datuk Keramat in particular?

On Titiwangsa itself, I think the area has been drawn to give Kampung Baru too much power. I don’t really care for Kampung Baru and I doubt too many people in my area, Datuk Keramat and those along Jalan Semarak and Gurney care too. Yet, we have to content with the situation Kampung Baru. I honestly believe that Jalan Tun Razak should separate us from Kampung Baru; Jalan Tun Razak with its elevated streets has divided the area in term of culture, economy and politics more than anything else.

Both Datuk Keramat and Kampung Baru are very much self-sustaining areas. Both don’t need each other. The only similarity between the two is that, both are dump though Datuk Keramat may be better developed and safer than that area across Jalan Tun Razak. Besides, the pressure facing each area is different despite being lumped together as one. Kampung Baru is facing great urbanization that there is placed to displace it altogether. There is a plan to do just that and move it to Titiwangsa proper. Datuk Keramat faces no such thing, at least in the near future though the same plan does call for Datuk Keramat to be liberalized.

Why liberalization?

Because both are Malay reserved areas. And that is why both are dump. I support liberalization though I may not be directly affected by it; I live just outside of the Malay reserved.

There are a few other factors the differentiate Datuk Keramat from Kampung Baru and one of them is the increasing number of expatriates. It used to house expatriates in the past but only until recently does the number see a re-growth. It used to be filled with westerners but now, Arabs are flowing in. I myself don’t really mind that because I appreciate cosmopolitan neighborhood. Okay, cosmopolitan may be an overstatement.

Anyway, this is my opinion: Kampung Baru should be ejected from Titiwangsa.

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