RM67.22 could buy you…

I have a few hundred bucks in a bank account in the US. Way back in a time long forgotten as I was preparing to leave the little town of Ann Arbor for Kuala Lumpur, I had wanted to withdraw all of my cash from that account. I thought, it would be a hassle to operate a bank account from half-way around the world. But that debit card facility was tempting and given such services weren’t freely available yet in Malaysia back then, I decided to leave some cash in the account and use my debit card for my purchases in KL. Unfortunately, there was too much money in the account and I couldn’t use all of that money before the card expired. And so, I have cash stuck. And given the weakening dollar against the Malaysian ringgit, I feel down: as each day passes, that cash, apart from interested earned which is not too high to start anyway, that cash in dollar can buy less stuff in Malaysia. Now, what if I could get $20 from my account right now? What could I buy with it? What would I buy with it?

$20 used to be approximately RM72.00 but now, it is roughly about RM67.22 according to Yahoo!. Okay, a difference of RM4.78. Big deal, right?

But RM4.78 could easily be a big breakfast somewhere in Fraser’s Hill, or a decent plate of nasi lemak along with teh tarik at some mamak stall in KL. So, RM4,78? I should have gotten all the money out of my account!

Back to RM67.22.

Well, I could and would (in fact, I did) buy a paperback edition of Sophie’s World from Kinokuniya for about RM39.50.

That would leave me with RM27.72. While reading it, I could enjoy a meal at Subway, with, erm, footlong Oregano Parmesan, wrapping swiss cheese, turkey breast, onion, tomatoes, olive, among other things with cookies and some Coke to go with it for about RM21.00. I was surprised to find out that whole thing cost me RM21.00. While I was in the US, it cost me merely $11. Maybe, Subway imported the bread or something. I know, I know, I can’t totally compare the ringgit with the dollar just like that but I’m uninterested in economics right now and preferring a light post that is free from arcane economics equations which I increasingly forgetting. I totally need to refresh my economics but I’m digressing…

So, about RM8.00, rounded, left. Oh, maybe, a to and fro train ride to get whatever I got from my home. That’s probably RM3.

Another RM5, maybe, a cone of ice-cream to make KL’s tropical sun more bearable.

So, RM67.22 or $20.00. Happy Dave?

Or, I could save that money to buy a telescopic lens which cost about RM1700. Heh!

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  1. Mudasir (unregistered) on December 4th, 2007 @ 10:47 am

    $11 For a foot long sub/grinder/sandwich with soda and cookies? Damn which subway were you going to?

    The subway in my neighbourhood has the footlong for $6.50, cookies are 3/$1.00 and the small cup $1.20.

  2. Hafiz (unregistered) on December 7th, 2007 @ 8:48 pm

    I may have forgotten the exact price.

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