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Raining on New Year’s Eve

It looks like KLites will be celebrating the New Year’s Eve in the rain. I thank pink invisible uniform up in the sky for not joining the crowd out in the open.

In the final minutes of 2007, allow me to wish you all happy new year.

Oooookay… now it’s time play a game called break the resolution!

Hmmm… which should I break first…?

where’s the new year parties?

heck, i know! haven’t been blogging.
forgive me for i have been travelling.
and somehow kl has been exciting.
what with protests and shopping!

Muzium Negara is unimpressive

Muzium Negara sucks.

End Of Message.

KL, the wireless city

So, there is a plan to turn Kuala Lumpur into an almost wireless city by 2010. That is one huge plan but it would be exciting!

The best thing is, it will be free for 2 years. So, no more stealing those wireless broadband from Starbuck!

Au contraire, Madame!

Somehow the other day, I was attracted to a pond somewhere in the city. My mind wasn’t really there but I wasn’t too dreamy to fail to notice a little boy with his mother walking to the edge of the pond.

The boy spotted a dead fish floating in the pond and asked his mother, “Mom, did the fish drown?”

The mother answered, “Silly little boy. Of course, not. A fish can’t drown”.

In my mind, “Au contraire, Madame…!”

street protests

recent protests, rallies and demonstrations had been organised by several non-governmental bodies…they are urging for a change?revolution?new government?this is what i think about all these protests are about

What are you guys celebrating again?

The Bar Council planned to celebrate the human rights day this Sunday in a grand way. There was to be a walk from one place on one side of the Merdaka Square to the other side up to Central Market. Later, there were to be shows and discussion at Central Market. Alas, amid threats from the government, first, the walk was canceled. Later, the activities at Central Market have been moved indoor within the confine of the Bar Council’s wall.


What is the Bar Council celebrating again?

Less traffic than a dog’s blog in Kuala Lumpur?

I’m unsure why KL but at The Big Picture:

“Conspiracy theory? Ha! We don’t need to bother fabricating anything — we dump ALL of the data to the web each month, and that site gets less traffic than a dog’s blog in Kuala Lumpur.

We just think you couch potatoes are too lazy, too dumb, too easily distracted by other nonsense to really look at the actual data. Heavy lifting? Actual thinking? Working to figure out what is really going on? Don’t make us laugh!”

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