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Motorcyclists taking shelter in the middle of the street

It sucks to get caught in the rain. It is uncomfortable to be wet, with the wind blowing. That however does not justify motorcyclists’ tendency to take shelter under a bridge while blocking a lane, causing inconvenience to other motoring.

It is so typical of Malaysian highways around the city. When it rains, traffic piles up and it slows down. That is understandable though frustrating. Understand yes but anything that worsens the situation deserves scorns of a god. Zeus should strike the reproductive organ of inconsiderate motorcyclists that blocks a lane, creating a choke point and causes thousands others to spend unproductive hours in their vehicles. If hell exists, the sin of motorists should be borne by those motorcyclists alone. These motorcyclists should be the new Jesus. Instead of being crucified, they should be ran over by a prime mover!

Screw these motorcyclists.

Architectural icons

Montreal laments how it lacks icon that the world could identify the city with. For the Kuala Lumpur, we already have an international icon and it is the Petronas Twin Towers. Without it, KL would join the rank of Montreal. I am sure that was what former PM Mahathir Mohamed was thinking in building the towers. To me however, the icon of KL will forever be the Sultan Abdul Samad Building.

Rumah Ilham

It has been a while since I last went to Rumah Ilham (RI), an orphanage located in TTDI (in the vicinity of Rasta). I got myself involved with the work of RI volunteers at the recommendation of a friend. At first, it was a bit awkward because I didnt know how to handle myself around the kids. I was afraid that I wasnt sensitive enough, wasnt fun enough, wasnt helpful enough for the kids. But I discovered that those dont really matter. I kinda “get it” after a couple of visits. We enjoy each other’s company, and that, matters the most.

The Indepedence Project at Galeri Petronas

I’ve been to Galeri Petronas several times now and I really like it. It is many times better than the disappointing Muzium Negara. The current exhibition at the gallery is especially not something to be missed. Really. The Independence Project, as the exhibition is known as, explores how a number of artists from Malaysia and Australia define the idea of independence.

Flash mob in KL!

I’ve heard of flash mob before but I had never seen it, until today. The objective: to express displeasure against the mainstream media. Just by luck, Mr. Haris Ibrahim is running a cyber-campaign to boycott the mainstream paper. Coincidence?


In between Mr. Haris’ encouragement for a boycott, a stranger posted something about having a flash mob on Mr. Haris’ blog. Mr. Haris wasted no time to publicize it and that was how I found out about the flash mob planned at the base of the Petronas Twin Towers.

And having little to do on that day, I decided to check it out.

At 15:00, the scene was typical of a Malaysian shopping complex. People moving around, doing their own business.


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