Rumah Ilham

It has been a while since I last went to Rumah Ilham (RI), an orphanage located in TTDI (in the vicinity of Rasta). I got myself involved with the work of RI volunteers at the recommendation of a friend. At first, it was a bit awkward because I didnt know how to handle myself around the kids. I was afraid that I wasnt sensitive enough, wasnt fun enough, wasnt helpful enough for the kids. But I discovered that those dont really matter. I kinda “get it” after a couple of visits. We enjoy each other’s company, and that, matters the most.

There are a lot of activities happening in RI. What I do is more on helping them with their homework. There is also a fortnightly English Programme that’s run by a couple of volunteers. I must say that this English programme is really interesting. You guys can check out what these volunteers do here.

In addition to that, some of others hold free tuition classes for students who are taking national exams like UPSR, PMR, & SPM. Usually, these exam takers have their own prep rooms, separated from the rest so that they can focus better on their studies. We’re talking about 50 boys running around during prep time and I personally think separating those ” in need” is a good idea! =)

My experience as a “kakak” (translated: sister) to the kids is really amazing in the sense that it grows and matures me as a person. Conversations with them have been enlightening. After each prep session (where they have to finish their homework), I try to sit down with the kids and just discuss about anything and everything under the sun. I want to share with them what I’ve seen, and tell them stories about possibilities that may be obscured for some reasons. Through these conversations too, they enable me to relive my childhood memories with their perspectives, and how I treasure this gift!

The Native Americans got it right – ” We do not inherit this World from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children.” I saw this clearly through my time in RI, and wish for you guys to see it too.

Rumah Ilham welcomes volunteers, abangs, kakaks, visionaries, and is a cool place to hangout. For more info, please email me.

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