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UMNO akan kalah di Titiwangsa?

KL Pos memberi gambaran yang UMNO akan kalah kepada PAS di kawasan Parlimen saya, Titiwangsa.

Flags, banners, posters, everywhere

The election is less than three weeks away and nomination day has yet to pass. That however doesn’t stop political parties from initiating banner wars prior to the start of the real war. So far, from what I read anyway, these wars are running high in the east coast of the Peninsula. So high that banners have been defaced, torn, destroyed while temper flares. Volunteers from either sides now jealously guard their banners from potential saboteurs. While that happens there, curiously, the scene in KL has been quiet.


been to any good pubs in kuala lumpur lately?

well, the latest to open – officially – is the george and dragon over the bangsar shopping centre, up the hill in jalan maarof, bangsar. despite it being an english pub, it is managed by the rather irish finnegans pubs group.

Jealous of Penang

KL is so much better compared to Penang. But we have to concede: we do not have a coastline and we don’t have the luxury of watching porpoises from our own city.

BALIK PULAU: A pod of six porpoises was spotted in the waters off Penang, about 200m from the shores of Kuala Sungai Burung near Pulau Betong here.

The Star photographer Wan Mohizan Wan Hussein, a part-time fisherman, saw the porpoises as he was testing his boat after some maintenance works at 11.30am yesterday. [Porpoises seen frolicking off Penang. The Star. February 20 2008]

A real bomb 5-minute drive away!

KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 15 (Bernama) — A bomb found at the edge of a heap leaves underneath a tree near a food centre in Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz opposite the Celcom Tower here, just about half-a-kilometre from Bernama’s headquarters, caused the road to be closed for more than two hours Thursday night.


Police, who arrived about 30 minutes later together with a Bomb Squad, sealed off the road and areas surrounding it before detonating it at 10.15pm. [Bomb Find Causes Jalan Raja Muda Abdul Aziz To Be Sealed Off. Bernama. February 15 2008]

Is KL suddenly on the front line?

Too many holidays

I thought the same too.

How should I spend a 4-day weekend?

Holidays could be very unproductive and mine is reaching a notch higher above laziness.

happy chinese new year everyone

while i am blogging here…today is the last day of year 2007 for the chinese lunar calendar…tomorrow is a big day for all chinese in the world which is to celebrate the new year’s day of the chinese lunar calendar…as what we call in mandarin ‘chu yi’…the first day of the chinese lunar calendar…the year of rat…

Selamat menyambut Hari Wilayah

MBKL (That’s Metroblogging KL, not Majlis Perbandaran KL) wishes our readers a good Hari Wilayah. Really, Hari Wilayah is actually Hari KL. Screw Putrajaya and Labuan.

And I know you guys love Hari Wilayah because weekend starts early this week.

And so will next week. LOL!

It feels like my senior year in Michigan: 4-day working week, 3-day Warcraft week!

Let’s visit Azeroth and check the latest news.

KL in World’s Monopoly

There will be a World’s Monopoly and right now, Hasbro is taking vote on which cities to include.

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