Pasar Keramat polling station, Titiwangsa, KL

The Gurney station was unexciting. There were some flags flying, a cafe right outside the station for a decent typical KL breakfast but that was about it. The crowd was pretty mild.

So, I decided to drive to Pasar Keramat and see what was going there. While the traffic to Gurney was smooth, the journey to Pasar Keramat caused my blood pressure to rise up slightly. The streets were congested: congestion is indeed typical around Pasar Keramat no thanks to it sitting on the veins that connect the northeast part of KL to the city center as well as the bad traffic flow planning there there but the election made it worse.

Being a local, I knew which route to take to outsmart the traffic and I found myself in front of the Pasar Keramat station in no time.

Unlike at Gurney, the booths of the BN and PAS were erected side by side.


What? Looks empty you say?

Just to the right:


They were shouting various slogans until a police officer requested them to tone down. The BN team was quiet, probably since they know Keramat is not one of those areas which BN could call it a stronghold.

Some took the campaigning to the middle of the street.


Anwar Ibrahim was also there…:


The BN candidate, Aziz Jamaludin casted his vote at here.


He is the guy in blue shirt with a songkok on.

Close to 1PM, it started to drizzle and so, I went home.

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