Kuala Lumpur for a Free Tibet

I saw on TV earlier of Buddhist monks protesting against Chinese occupation of Tibet in Nepal. The video clip recorded the Nepali police force dispersing a group of protesting monks by force. Some monks fell on the ground and were hit continuously with baton by the police. Some monks were crying. I’ve never been hit by a baton before but deep in my guts, I felt something uneasy about the whole episode.

The news ended and I switched to another channel just in case if other channels would show the same clip. The clip didn’t reappear but one channel showed the lighting up of the Olympics torch in Greece. Even there, there were protesters but they were treated as if they were dogs.

That makes me angry and I felt, I need to do something.

And I have a perfect idea.

Now, I’d always had the highest regards for the Olympics. It is a symbol of peace, of hope, of humanity unity, a symbol of oneness, of freedom. Too romantics, yes but that is what it means to me. But China grossly mocks it and I won’t take it kindly.

The Olympics Torch will be passing through Kuala Lumpur on April 21 2008. I suggest we, unorganizedly, be at the run and show what freedom means to us. We shall bring banners, fly Tibet flags and support Tibet’s quest for freedom. Let us join the Olympics Torch Relay in KL and indirectly tell China to bugger off from Tibet.

Are you with me?

I’ve created Kuala Lumpur for a Free Tibet blog. As we wait, we can start the protest online.

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