A day of cheap flags

Today is the Federal Territory Day. Really, given the sad status of Putrajaya and Labuan, it’s KL Day in its practical sense. Call me arrogant but hey, when you live in KL, it’s hard to think highly of the other two brothers. Despite that, KL suffers the same fate befalling them.

Ever since the new Federal Territory flag has been introduced to represent the all 3 territories collectively, February 1 has been decorated with cheap flags. Just drive down the major avenues of KL like Jalan Tun Razak or Jalan Mahameru. Hung at the streetlights lined up in rows along the divider and the sides are tri-color flags with a sheet of cheap plastic printed on it the Coat of Arms of Malaysia pasted in the middle.

Yeah, it is that cheap. It is such a dishonor for KL to have those low quality flags to be associated with KL. Officially, that is.

My message is, do it properly or don’t do it at all. Burn those flags please. They are fugly.

A photo would show how horribly worthless those flags are but I figured, taking a shot of the flags would be a waste of memory in my precious DSLR.

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