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Glasgow to host the Commonwealth Games

Metblogs KL would like to be the first citizens of KL, the city of the 1998 Commonwealth Games, to congratulate Glasgow for winning the right to host the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

A great gathering in Kuala Lumpur

Roughly 2 months ago, a coalition of organizations working for a fairer electoral system gathered at Batu Burok in Terengganu. It ended bloodily, with several individuals suffering gun shot wound. The police fire live bullets towards the crowd, allegedly the crowd was attacking an plain cloth police. The people on the ground insist that the police officer was instigating the crowd.

Now, the coalition is holding a rally in the middle of Kuala Lumpur, this Saturday, November 10. They expect 100,000 people to show to express their support for a fairer election. I plan to be there to record it for make benefit of the glorious nation of Kazakhstan!

Er, I mean Metblogs KL.

The effort may be hazardous to liberty though: the police has warned that the police will arrest anybody found taking part in the rally. I’d really like to find out how the police would arrest 100,000 people!

24 hours later

I’m barely surviving.

This Monday is especially cruel. I’m still at the office but I hope to leave soon, even when papers left unfinished, with deadlines looming. I long for my bed, with it, that smelly blanket of mine.

I envy Metblogs of Pakistan. With that emergency, they got their Monday off, though they might be fighting for their life. Still, that is much more exciting.


The upcoming Diwali caught me by surprise. Because of it, one day will be off my calendar, making my week runs havoc. I came back to the office, convinced I could finish my papers if I had four days. Turn out, I have only two days, no thanks to Diwali.


I thought after graduation from Michigan, there would be no more papers and no more scary professors. No more impossible deadlines.

Now, here I am, with unbelievable amount of papers with scary bosses with godlike deadlines! I might as well go for my Masters right now!

But hey, maybe I should be thankful regardless. Those auditors don’t seem to ever sleep…

Thank heavens I learned economics, not accounting.

Thank you radio announcer!

I have a new-found appreciation for traffic alert today. Usually, such alerts over the radio tell nothing new, informing all Monday haters about the usual hotspots that everybody knows. In other words, news that are hardly new. That was not the case for today however.

Post-Eid traffic

I hate traffic congestion.

new shopping mall in town

another luxurious shopping mall had officially opened for the upper and middle class income people…another new place for people to hang out and to walk around…KL Pavillion..a recently opened shopping mall located at the bukit bintang area..the exact location will be opposite starhill and beside JW Marriot…the mall emphasise on selling luxurious brands like clinique, estee lauder, chanel…for perfumes…while for fashion..they have Prada, G2000, Giordano and also some other accessories… might be another shopping paradise for people…but what i thinks is…

First Malaysian in space


In less than an hour, Malaysia will have a tiny presence in space, taxi up by the Russian.

And the large TV screen at Dataran Merdeka that is supposed to show the launch is not working.


What do you think happened here?

Tian Chua says hi to Metblogs KL

There was a mid-size vigil fro Burma yesterday in front of the world’s tallest twin towers later yesterday’s evening and I was there, hoping to get some good shots. While there, I caught up with a few people and Tian Chua was kind enough to say hi to Metblogs KL!

Some rights reserved. By Mohd Hafiz Noor Shams

Things I hate during Ramadan

You know, there are several things that I have issues with and three of these issues frequently occur during the month of Ramadan.

One: brats playing firework near residential areas. They should play somewhere away from residential areas.

Two: people reciting the Koran or simply praying over the loudspeakers for several hours. They should not broadcast it to the area surrounding the mosque. Kindly turn the loudspeakers inward, not outward, thank you. Not everybody appreciate it and might even encourage hostility.

Three: the way people park their vehicles by the road to purchase food at nearby temporary market. This in effect narrows down the road, which in turn causes unnecessary congestion. Solution: break their windshield.

Those issues are listed in no particular order whatsoever.

All three have one thing in common: inconsiderate folks.

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